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Hardware & Software

Designing, building and upgrading high performance computers, for VR/AR/MR, 2D/3D animation and general media production, projection mapping and (interactive) video installations, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and information security. Designing and configuring backup systems and peripherals, (external) GPU rendering/computing solutions, international product import, trouble shooting, printers/scanners, and more.

Networking & Security

Designing, configuring and security/penetration testing networks, Operating Systems- and browser tweaking/hardening, password management, anti-virus and other methods of end-point protection; threat modelling, monitoring and detection, signatures, encryption, Virtual Private Networks, firewalls, cloud backups best practices and 3:rd party encryption (Zero Trust/Zero Knowledge), DAS/NAS (remote) management, and secure email/chat/SMS/calls, complete sets of best practices for online security, privacy and anonymity. Secure destruction of used storage media. Ubiquity Networks UniFy expert!

Virtual & Augmented /Mixed Reality

Experience the latest AR/MR applications, with Microsoft HoloLens. Or try Virtual Reality, with the HTC Vive, or Oculus Quest, incl. room-scale i.e. free movement in physical space, hand tracking, and full body motion capture. Optionally including lecture/seminar; general guidance on the forthcoming impact of Digitalisation, Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Immersive Media (VR/AR/MR), Online Privacy/Security Concerns and more...

Smart Office /IoT & EduTech

Support for small to medium size businesses (SMB), schools and higher educational institutions, with finding the best performing new digital/smart tools and Internet of Things, at the most competitive total cost of ownership.

Technical Production: Websites

Setting up and configuring secure websites using WordPress, the worlds most popular Content Management System (CMS). Mobile/smartphone friendly sites, with specific skins/design. You are welcome to provide art direction and content, but will also be taught how to upload images, video, and edit text. Photo/video/audio editing is also available, as service and/or teaching.

1:1 Learning Sessions

Tailor made, to get You started and moving forward quickly. Where and when is up to You. Available globally, via IP call with screen sharing, as well as on location /IRL. End-to-end encryption available!

International Service 24-7-365

Communication via phone, email, instant messaging, SMS/MMS, or IP call with screen sharing. End-to-end encryption available (Signal, ProtonMail, PGP, etc.)!

Meetings in Virtual Reality (experimental).

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