Cyber Security & Technical Support

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Networking & Security

Many organizations have insecure and under-performing networks, effectively putting the whole production and organization at risk. The internet is an increasingly hostile environment, with cyber criminals and global surveillance.

How slow is Your WiFi? When did You update that router? Is Your firewall properly configured? Intrusion Prevention System? Password hygiene? Information and cyber security is a blank spot for many, and a lot of companies think it's enough to just have a working connection. But that could not be further from the truth. Get secure today!

Hardware & Software

Figuring out exactly what combination of computer hardware and software You need, can be a daunting task. And when it gets wrong, it gets expensive! But when it gets right, it saves You big in the long run, speeds up Your work and lasts longer by growing with You. A computer can perform optimally, only if fine-tuned to Your specific needs. Your value production multiplies with proper work stations!

But it does'nt end there, You also need backup systems, travel computers, VR/AR-headsets, printers and other peripherals. We'll help You with all this!

Virtual & Augmented /Mixed Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality is said to be the next big technical revolution! The web will soon be in 3D and You'll interact with it through AR-glasses and VR-headsets.

Learn what VR and AR can do for Your business today! Experience the latest applications, with world class Microsoft HoloLens (Mixed Reality), popular HTC Vive, or standalone Oculus Quest, with free movement in physical space, hand tracking, and full body motion capture. Meet and interact with new customers in this emerging virtual realm. Join the real cyber space!

Smart Office /IoT & EduTech

Is Your office smart and ready for remote workers? Are You making use of new efficiency and collaboration tools, such as video conferencing, interactive whiteboards, or voice controlled virtual assistants? Is the video surveillance system properly configured?

Support for small to medium size businesses, schools and higher educational institutions, to find the best performing digital smart tools, and Internet of Things, at the most competitive total cost of ownership. Shrink Your world and get more efficient today!

Web Development & Design

These days every organization needs an online store front. Your existing and potential customers use search engines to find products and services online, and You want Your site to be a top result, and stand out from the competition, breathing professionalism and excellent service.

We'll design, develop and configure secure websites for You, using (hardened) WordPress, the world's most popular Content Management System. These sites looks good and works well on both laptops and desktops, as well as smartphones and tablets. Get more visible now!

1:1 Learning Sessions

We can do a lot for You, but would'nt You like to know how to update Your own website? Or build a standalone VR-experience? Or an AR-app for smartphones? Be more secure and anonymous online? Learn how to really protect your privacy?

1:1 sessions, tailor made, to get You started and moving forward quickly. Where and when is up to You. Available globally, via IP call with screen sharing, as well as on location /IRL. End-to-end encryption alternatives available. Start learning today!

International Service 24-7-365

Communication via phone, email, instant messaging, SMS/MMS, or IP call with screen sharing. For end-to-end encryption, use Signal or ProtonMail.

Meetings in Virtual Reality (experimental).

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